Jarvis at KPTL studio


Here it is: My archive of over twenty years of commercial radio production, live radio broadcasting, book narrations, game show performances and TV appearances. Oh, and copy writing samples, too. Of course, not every recording I ever made or ad script I ever wrote is posted here. That would result in a ridiculously long web page!
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2010s - Freelance Commercial Production, Narrations

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Bully's Bar & Grill - "Bud Stretch,"

Ichiban Restaurant - "Entertain,"

Cadillac Ranch - "Feeling Lucky,"

90 Second Internet Ad On Web Page -
"Jerry's Car Museum,"

Keith's Kars - "Oh Wow Man,"
I realize my Cheech and Chong impersonation isn't that great. What was really funny to me was nobody, not even people I worked with every day, would believe I did both these voices!
Tile Outlet - "Boring,"

Grimes Castle - "Terror,"

Knitting Factory - "George Clinton,"

Naughty Or Nice - "Halloween,"
One of my favorite clients to produce radio ads for. They liked wacky ads and I was happy to deliver! Yes, I voiced all three parts in this radio commercial.

Naughty Or Nice - "Christmas,"
And for this radio spot I got to be a lecherous Santa Clause. How fun is that?
Book Narration - Jarvis Hooten
"A More Unbending Battle" by Peter Nelson
(Book is available on Amazon.com. This audio clip is an excerpt from Chapter 5.))

Instructional Video Narration - Red Cross "Rescuer Duties" Course

Two Children's Books Trailers for Audible.com,
Produced by StudioNow, Nashville, TN

Jarvis Hooten at KTHX

My favorite voice-over announcer Professional audio editing at reasonable prices

Production Director, Four Radio Station
Broadcast Group, Reno, NV: 2008-2010

Fun Time Theatre - "Voices From The Past,"
Virginia City, 2009

Jarvis Hooten voice-over, Fun Time Theater
Clean Cut Lawns - "Hair Style," Reno, 2010

Jarvis Hooten writing, Clean Cut Lawns

Hanly's Hounds - "Old Coot," Reno, 2009
One just never knows what one is going to be asked to write a spot for, does one? And yes, both voices are me.

Jarvis Hooten instruction announcing, Hanly's Hounds
Tres Hombres Restaurant - "More Flavor," 2009
(Copy writing only for agency)
Jarvis Hooten agency copywriting
Harrah's Lake Tahoe - "Alice Cooper Concert," 2009

Jarvis Hooten in KTHX Production Room
This was my very cool office when I was Production Director for a group of four radio stations in Reno.
Silver Club Casino - Anna Maria's Restaurant
"Steak & Pasta Specials," 2008

Jarvis Hooten Professional Copywriting

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Casino Events Host, House Announcer
Harrah's, Reno: 2007


Jarvis Hooten Emcee Announcer, Harrah's MNF
That's me hosting a Monday Night Football event at Harrah's Casino with the help of scantily clad showgirls. Tough job, but somebody has to do it!
For about a year I was the contract Announcer and Events Emcee at Harrah's, Reno/Tahoe. These announcements were played over the casino sound system.

Harrah's - Andreotti's

Harrah's - Hot August Nights

Harrah's - How Suite It Is

Harrah's - Money Grows On Trees

Harrah's - Sapphire Lounge

Harrah's In House Promos Copy
Jarvis Hooten article writing

Quality voice-overs and narrations Jarvis Hooten does great character voices

Production Director, KPTL
Carson City, NV: 2003-2006

KPTL - Contest Winner Mix, 2004
Think back to the presidential race of 2004 and you'll recognize a sound in this promo that all us radio folks had fun with that year.

Jarvis Hooten event emcee announcer
OMG! It's ... ELVIS! I was the Emcee for a classic car convention at Reno Convention Center in 2005. If you're doing a classic car event in Nevada, you must have an Elvis impersonator!
KPTL - Hawaii Give-Away Tease, 2004
The GM came running into the station late one Friday afternoon all excited that he'd made a deal with a travel agency for a prize trip. We didn't have all the details yet, but the GM wanted at least to have a teaser up and running over the weekend. So I grabbed several Hawaiian music beds, sat down at the mic and literally improvised this entire spot in one take.

And here's the actual prize give-away promo we started running the following week.

Jarvis Hooten is a great copy writer
Chips & Bytes - "Bill," Reno, 2003

Excellent ad copy written by Jarvis Hooten

Prestige Car Wash - "Dr. Goodzeit,"
Carson City, 2003
Clever advertising copy writer, Jarvis Hooten
Renaissance Faire - "Sir Galahad," Genoa, NV, 2003
I can do a better British accent than this, really I can! But this spot had to be cranked out in a hurry, so I had to let a few flaws slide. The client thought it was hilarious.

Funny content writing by Jarvis Hooten

Jarvis Hooten with Terrie Q Sayre
The very lovely Terrie Q Sayre strikes a pose with me in a promo shot for our "Tuesday Trivia" show at KPTL. We were the morning and noon hour team and had a great time working together. Her beautiful smile is literally an award winner, since Terrie Q is a former Mrs. Nevada.

[Addendum: When I started this page in 2011 I could not have imagined I would need to add the message just a few years later that Terrie Q passed away. She died of complications from a very serious case of the flu in January, 2015. She was one of the most fun people I ever worked with in radio. Terrie moved to Albuqueque in 2007, and, although we stayed in touch through e-mail and occasional phone calls, our lives went separate directions and I never saw her again. This world is a little less delightful without Terrie Q in it.]

Jarvis Hooten is an excellent voice-over artist Fantastic audio editing service

Game Show Winner Game Show Tour:

Traveling the country as host of a game show was one of the most interesting and challenging things I've ever done. There are so many cool pictures and videos from that seven year period that they need a separate page.

Jarvis Hooten is an excellent voice-over artist Fantastic audio editing service

Talk Show Host -

Weekends On KLBJ, Austin, TX

In 1998 I took a break from the game show tour because I was offered an opportunity to host a talk show at KLBJ. The station management wanted to start me out on weekends to "groom" me as the replacement for a full time weekday slot that they thought would be opening up soon. Even with just a two hour show on weekends, I quickly started to build a regular audience.

best voice-over My "handle," which very well identified my style, was "Sensitive, New Age, Old Fashioned Macho Guy." The station management said they were very pleased with the job I was doing. They encouraged me to hang on and keep doing the weekend show in anticipation of taking over a full time weekday time slot, since at least one of the weekday hosts was expected to retire or move on to another station within a few months.

Alas, after six months no full time position came available. By then I was running low on funds. When Kramer Entertainment called to offer me another game show tour I was glad to accept it. Truth be told, as much as I wanted to progress my radio career by hosting a talk show in a big market like Austin, it was great to head back out on the road.
The audio files to the right are one hour segments from talk shows I hosted in the fall of 1998. As with all my other audio clips, the "AudioFile" link is there in case your browswer does not support the audio element or you want to download the audio clip to your local hard drive.
Jarvis Talk Show - Suicide Increase - 1/3/1999
Jarvis Talk Show - The Christmas Experience
Jarvis Talk Show - The Meaning Of Christmas - 12/20/1998
Jarvis Talk Show Promo - AIDS Paranoia

Jarvis Talk Show - AIDS Paranoia - 11/15/1998
Jarvis Talk Show - May/December Romances - 10/11/1998
Jarvis Talk Show - Divorced Fathers - 10/4/1998
Jarvis Talk Show - Work Place Romance - 9/13/1998
Jarvis Talk Show - Internet Dating - 9/6/1998
Jarvis Talk Show - Women Sending Flowers To Men - 8/30/1998
Jarvis Talk Show - Relationship Happiness - 8/23/1998
Jarvis Talk Show - Male Bashing - 8/16/1998

best audiobook narrator TV Host - "Action Auction"
Fundraiser For
KRMA Public Television
Channel 6, Denver

April, 1993, '94, '95

Hosting KRMA's annual fundraiser was one of the funnest things I did during my four years in Colorado. With lots of photos and a video, this needed its own page. Click the pic or the text link above to see it all!

Superb corporate announcer Inexpensive instructional narrations

Rocky Mountain Radio Network (RMRN)

(Network of radio stations in 21 mountain resort
cities with studios based in Dillon, CO: 1992-1995


Air Checks - RMRN

Here are a few samples of me doing bits with traffic gal Brandy and news guy Kyle on "KQ" - RMRN, 1994

Low cost narration announcer
Here I am being a goof in the Rocky Mountain Radio Network Studio in Dillon, CO. This was the only time in my life I ever grew a beard. My joke was I wanted a beard partly to have the image of a Colorado "Mountain Man," but mostly because I wanted to have more facial hair than the mountain women!
KYSL Valentine Promo - "Cupid," 1994
Here is one of the funniest, silliest and most dated radio spots I ever came up with. Character voices are just too much fun!

Clever advertising copy
KQ Valentine Promo - "Love Notes," 1995

Tabor Opera House - "Melodrama," 1995

Town Of Breckenridge - "Ullr Fest," 1995

The Salon - "Business Name Winner," 1994

Ace Hardware - "Facts Of Life," 1994
The part of "Son" in this ad was voiced by Randy Waters, one of the nicest guys I've ever worked with in radio. We had a hard time getting through recording this without making each other crack up.

A Career Highlight

In February of 1994 I got to interview not one, but two Playmates Of The Month. It was during Playboy's Winter Ski Fest at Breckenridge, CO.
Here's an audio segment of that interview:

Excellent American English male announcer
Jarvis with 1993 Playmates Jennifer Lavoie and Nicole Wood - 2/4/1994
Tool Clinic - "Toy Store," 1994

Fun professional narrator
Burger King, 1993
My first agency spot!

Budweiser - "Halloween Jam," 1993
Yes, it was a little silly using a pitch controller to make my voice sound "demonic," but the client loved it!

Corporate announcer, instructional narrator

Low cost corporate announcements Professional on-hold announcements

WRLT (AAA), Nashville, TN: 1989 - 1992


Air Checks - WRLT, Nashville

Being the Afternoon Drive guy and Host of Sunday Jazz at WRLT was the best time I've ever had in radio. I was fortunate to get into the business at the tail end of the "true" radio days - before computers took away the artistry and multi-station corporations took away the fun.

Jarvis PM Drive on WRLT, 12/31/1990

Jarvis Hosts "Sunday Jazz" on WRLT, 12/2/1990

Jarvis With Blues Traveler on WRLT, 2/1/1991

Jarvis With Bela Fleck on WRLT, 3/7/1991
32nd Avenue Restaurant, 1991
The delicious female voice at the end of this spot is Terri Williams, a back-up singer on several popular country tunes you probably know. And, oh yeah, she looks every bit as foxy as she sounds!

Jarvis Hooten quality voice-over artist
San Antonio Taco Company, 1992
Nobody, not even the staff I worked with at WRLT, would believe it was me doing both voices in this ad!

Hugley's Music, 1992

Best low cost narrations
Jarvis introduces bands at the famous
Ace Of Clubs Concert Hall, Nashville.

Videorama - "Too Hip," 1990

Sunday Jazz Promos, 1990
My "Sunday Jazz" show in Nashville was what truly launched my radio career. It became the most listened to program for WRLT. This audio clip has four promos I produced for that show.

Belle Meade Jazz Promo, 1990
With the success of my "Sunday Jazz" show (referenced above), I also became the go-to guy for hosting jazz concerts in the Nashville area. Hosting live jazz events on the lawn of historic Belle Meade Mansion is a favorite highlight of my time in Music City.

Lightning Flashes, WRLT Feature, 1990
Mosko's - "Extraordinary," 1992

Superb voice-over artist

Sun Shade Auto Tint, 1990

Music Country Volvo, 1990

Leaf Candies - Sounds Baseball, 1990

Jarvis Hooten professional voice-over artist
Holy cow, was I ever really
this young and skinny?


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