The Great Video And Game Show Tour!

January, 1996 - October, 2002

Click to view full size image. When I first joined Kramer International (the agency that represented my show), they did not have a game show tour available. I happened to know a little about video production, so I accepted their offer to be Road Manager of a "Fun Flicks" tour for my first year. Although I prefer doing a game show, it was a great experience to manage a video tour for the first year. The videos and pictures below begin with that first year of 1996 with samples of people making their own "Fun Flicks."

It's disappointing now that I did not get more of the game shows on video. This was before smart phones and inexpensive compact video cameras. Also, at the time it was a job - a job that required us to pack up and drive to another town for the next show almost every day. We rarely had time to think about getting the show video recorded! The few shows we did have recorded are presented below, along with some of the more interesting pictures from life on the road.

This was the most interesting gig of my life, but I learned that life on the road is definitely not for the timid. In just under seven years I performed shows in forty-three states, putting an average of 70,000 miles on my Ford van every year.

Hope you enjoy this nostalgic voyage in videos and pictures from my seven year road trip!

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Life on the road begins with
Fun Flicks Video Production Tour
January-December, 1996

University of Northern Alabama, Florence - "Cheerleaders"

This is it - winner of "Best Video Of The Tour" award, if we had such an award. I wish we could have given these five girls some kind of little trophy or ribbon. They obviously put a great deal of effort into preparing this very cute and damn sexy routine to a classic '80s song.


How Is This Done?

Fun Flicks was a portable green screen video studio, technically known as chromakey. Participants could perform in their own videos with cool effects and back-drops, and crowds were attracted to watch how the process was done. Tours like this made Kramer Entertainment a multi-million dollar giant in the college and mall entertainment industry.

Left and right photos show the whole huge set-up at Univ. Of Northern Alabama as we were shooting the "Cheerleaders" video above.

Very Cool Mall Set-up

This Fun Flicks show was at Twin Rivers Mall in New Bern, NC, one of the nicest venues of the entire 1996 tour.

Left Photo: Notice the small monitor in the foreground. See how it works? All the green behind me is replaced by the video of the background dancers. Presto! It looks as if I'm Robert Palmer doing "Addicted To Love."

Right Photo shows me at the video control center.

University of Northern Alabama, Florence - "Copacabana Comedy"

This was at the same show as the "Cheerleaders" video above. Kudos to the UNA students for coming up with some really entertaining videos!


Touring, Touring

Doing a road show for Kramer Entertainment allowed me to travel every state and locale of the great USA, something I had always wanted to do.

Left photo was taken at the hotel where we stayed in Fort Kent, Maine - February, 1996. Yep, that's a dog sled team! From that hotel I literally could have thrown a stone across St. John River into Canada. French speaking people could be heard in every restaurant.

Right photo is from NYC, where we did a show just two weeks after being in northern Maine.

Left Photo: Even in the heavily populated eastern states, there are still plenty of places that are way, way off the Interstate system. This is a sign we encountered near Whitesville, NC.

Right Photo: Anyone who has ever driven the famous East Coast Interstate 95 has encountered this amazing place. It's an enormous travel stop called "South Of The Border" half way between New York City and Miami.

Professional Puppeteer In Florida

At a show we did in Orlando, Florida, this guy showed up with a very elaborate, large puppet from the Disney movie "Aladdin." Since we were in Orlando, perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised the guy was a professional puppeteer who worked at Disney World!


From Four Star To No Star

Left Photo: Johnson and Wales University in North Miami, Florida, is a culinary arts and hospitality school. Students do hands-on training at the school's own four star resort hotel, and that luxury hotel is where we got to stay when we were booked at the school. The resort is mostly out of sight under the palm trees in this photo, but in the foreground is the hotel's yacht. On board the yacht is where we big shot guests enjoyed the nicest complimentary hotel breakfast I've ever seen.

Right photo: I'm game to try many adventurous things, but no, I did not sample the pickled pig lips from this food store in South Carolina, even if they were world famous!

Midwestern Dance Class Girls Will Survive

This small midwestern school may have been surrounded by pig farms and corn fields, but it had a modern dance class. The instructor and five of her girls did a foxy routine to a disco classic.


Dazzling Dancer In Florida

Okay, the girls in the previous video were cute, and they had some clever moves, but this fantastic free-style dancer in Florida could have seriously gone professional.


Loading In, Loading Out

Left Photo: The next video below - "Tiny Macarena Girl" - was shot at South Side Mall in Kentucky. This photo on the left shows the set-up for that mall show. See the two old codgers sitting off to the left? Apparently, that is their sittin' spot, and they stayed put right there the entire time we were setting up all around them.

Right photo: Anyone who knows me knows I am a believer in organization. Some even call me anal, but take a look at this photo. I figured out how to organize loading in and out so well I only needed a two person crew. All four other Fun Flicks tours had three person crews. Ha! Being "anal" saved me the cost of one crew person for the entire tour!

Tiny Macarena Girl

Prize for "Most Adorable Video Of The Tour" easily goes to this little cutey. She may not have had any idea what all the fuss was about, but, with some occasional prompting from Mom from off camera, she pulled off the popular Latino dance craze of 1996.

(South Side Mall, South Williamson, KY -
October 5, 1996)


Marathon Runner

We had a pretty good crowd for this show. When this fun guy selected the "Marathon Runner" video, we had no idea he'd have the whole crowd howling with laughter when he pretended to light up a smoke while appearing to be on a long distance run.


Road Show Touring - Not For The Faint Of Heart!

Left Photo: If I had a show booked, I did everything I could to make it to the gig, even when I had to drive thought a blizzard like this!

Right photo: As I was driving through Kentucky one spring, a radio announcer said the rain that day had broken a ten year old record, and it was still coming down hard. An hour or so later the day's rain was the most since the turn of the last century. After a couple more hours the radio gal finally announced the ultimate: Most rain in one day, ever.

Things Got A Little Weird At NC School Of Arts

We were told to expect students at this performing arts school to be "creative" types, and we were not disappointed. Watch this and you will understand it is not politically incorrect to describe this as the gayest video of the tour.

North Carolina School Of Arts,
Winston-Salem, NC - November 2, 1996


Priest On A Hog

At a strict Jesuit School in Northern Vermont, where most of the students who made videos were so painfully shy and withdrawn they could be described as repressed, this priest decided to show the kids how to get loose and have fun! It was a little strange, actually.

St Michael's College, Colchester VT -
February 19, 1996


The Things One Sees When Traveling

Left Photo: Incredibly, this open farm land is on Long Island about three hours east of NYC. It may look like central Missouri, but this modern art seems to be a reminder that the big city is not far away!

Right photo: In central Illinois, the farm comes to the city. This gigantic tractor towing an enormous combine took up two lanes of traffic as it drove right through the center of town in Peru, Illinois.

"Keepers" Montage

Here's a collection of "Keeper" videos from the 1996 Fun Flicks Tour. Some of the above videos are included; others are clips we copied to a VHS tape for saving. The last few clips of this video montage reveal what the tour was really like most of the time. It would have been wonderful to make clever videos as those above at every show, but, alas, that was not how things usually went.


Creating clever videos was fun, but I signed on with
Kramer Entertainment to be a Game Show Host! Let's
get going with the zany show I performed in 43 states:

Blizzard Of Bucks Game Show Tour,
January, 1997 - October, 2002

Pro Announcer Best Voice-Over Hostesses, Hostesses

What's a game show without a gorgeous hostess? I so wish I had taken more pictures of the many lovely girls who were part of my show over six years of touring. Remember, this was before smart phones - before phones had cameras at all, in fact - and at most shows things happened so fast I didn't have time to find someone to take pictures.

Left photo: Certainly the most glamorous hostess who graced my show was Erika Queen. She's gorgeous, as you can see, and she has the poise and presence of royalty. Kind of amazing that her last name is Queen, right? Erika's style and grace made me think I should be wearing a tuxedo to host the show! Elegant, lovely, but she also was not afraid to work, and that made her truly a class act.

Right photo: Hostess Martina was also gorgeous, but, where Erika was glamorous, Martina was spunky. Every show with Martina was a laugh riot for us, and the fun we were having was contagious to the audience, of course.

We Made The News!

WLUC TV - Escanaba, Michigan
(Upper Peninsula)
December 3, 1997

We did a show at Bay De Noc College, which is right on the shore of Lake Michigan on the Upper Peninsula. A TV news crew showed up and shot video of the show. and they were nice enough to mail me a VHS cassette of that night's newscast.

A couple years later I transferred the newscast video clip to my snazzy new iMac with the all new iMovie app. Then I used that TV news clip as the start of my promo video for the show.

Here it is - the WLUC news coverage of my show followed by a montage of videos from other shows.


How to pick apples: Put your middle aged wife in the scoop of an earth mover and hoist her up to the branches!

We stopped at a picture postcard apple orchard in Connecticut to check out their big fruit stand. At first I thought there was a dog curled up under a table, but then I noticed it was a deer. The farmer lady explained they had found this deer injured when it was a fawn. They took it in and raised it as a pet!

Beware of Satin!
Yes, I checked the other side of this marquis in front of a church in North Carolina. Yes, they spelled it the same way on both sides.

Averaging 70K miles per year, it didn't take long to roll over the odometer on my van more than once. Here it is rolling over to 300K. At the bottom of the page is a video of the odometer when it hit 400K miles.

December 11, 2000: We had driven over fourteen hours in a blizzard to make it to Manitowac, WI for a show the next day at Lakeshore Technical College. It was our last show of that season. The school's Activities Director called my hotel room next morning to tell me the school was closed for the day because of the blizzard. She offered to reschedule the show for the next semester. I explained it was our last show of the tour, and we had made a Herculean effort to get there. Could we simply move the show to the next day? She was delighted by that option and arranged another night for us at the Holiday Inn. Hostess Ursula and I had a snow day at a very nice hotel!

Ever seen the movie "Mystic Pizza"? It was Julia Roberts' first starring role. This unremarkable place is the actual pizzeria in Mystic, Connecticut.

Blizzard Of Bucks Game Show
- Fremont, Nebraska
December 5, 2001

I regret this may be the best video I have of my game show. My touring years were just a short time before a leap in technology brought us smart phones and tiny, inexpensive video cameras. Because of this I feel obligated to make apologies for the shortage of videos of my shows!


Wagner College - Staten Island, NY

Left Photo: Wagner College is now a liberal arts school (and they do mean liberal.) What a switch from when my game show was booked to perform, when it was still a strict Lutheran college. My performance contract included a lengthy rider forbidding me from doing anything remotely suggestive or provocative in the show. So it was something of a surprise to arrive and see lots of girls dressed like the one walking past my van in this photo!

Right photo: Wagner College may have insisted I agree to some prudish policies, but the venue for our show was really cool. Is that not an amazing view of New York harbor?

They Knew It Was A Game Show, Right?

Left Photo: Wagner College (above) wasn't the only strict, prudish school where my show was booked. We went to many Catholic schools, including some with actual convents, such as Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. (Note "Convent That Way" sign).

Right photo: Is this place imposing or what? I didn't know such schools still existed. This is Emma Willard Boarding School For Girls in Troy, NY. When I walked out on stage to start the show, the sound of an auditorium full of screaming girls made my teeth vibrate. My hostess, Theresa, observed I was the only person in the entire building who could grow a beard!

Blizzard Of Bucks Game Show
- Cool Cafe Venue
October, 1997

Here is an example of a good show in a good venue with a good crowd. Sure wish I had remembered to write where this show was on the video cassette!


The small city of Roswell, New Mexico makes the most of the story about extraterrestrials crash landing in the nearby desert. The space alien theme is all over town.

Spotted this amazingly huge crane as I drove by a logging plant in Colville. That gigantic claw could pick up enough logs in one load to completely fill a rail car.

After a good show at Univ. of New Orleans, hostess Theresa and I went to the French Quarter for the evening. As often happens in Louisiana, a sudden downpour broke out so fast we were soaked before we could find shelter. We decided just to go with it.

Hostess Martina at a show in Waco, Texas. Martina was as fun as she was foxy!

Stacks and stacks of lobster cages - what else would you expect to find on a seaside dock in Portland, Maine?

A tank full of bourbon for a town of heavy drinkers? Nyuck, actually this town in Missouri is named Bourbon.

Blizzard Of Bucks Game Show
- Brevard College, North Carolina
November 4, 1999

This show was on a very small stage. Hostess Debby and I had to rearrange the usual set-up to make it work, but it ended up being a great show. Brevard is in the beautiful Smoky Mountain region of western North Carolina.


I usually don't support roadside panhandling, but this guy's honest sign was so clever I gave him five bucks if he'd let me take his picture.

Everyone who was lucky enough to be selected at random to be a contestant had a great time in the show. However, it was obvious many wondered what they'd got themselves into when we handed out props!

Hostess Mary calls up contestants for a show we did at Dekalb College in Clarkston, GA.

Hostess MJ was really cute and lots of fun in the show, but she had some unusual interests. I could hardly pry her away from the Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts. I decided not to ask why she was so fascinated by that eerie place.

Where were you on 9/11/2001? I was on tour on the East Coast! In fact, I had a show booked in Midtown Manhattan for 9/18. That show was cancelled, of course. I was in the area, though, so I stopped at a hill overlooking The Pentagon to take this photo.

It was up to me and the hostess to get the energy started, of course, but a show went much better when the contestants really got into the fun.

Blizzard Of Bucks Game Show
- Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL
January 12, 2002

Special guest appearance by a squirrel!


My Ford Van Hits 400,000 miles!

And I got it on video!
Westbound on I-40 near Asheville, North Carolina

It was a trick holding my video camera steady while it was zoomed in on the odometer. And this would have to occur as I'm driving at night through the Smoky Mountains! Nonetheless, I managed to record the event. Gotta make the most of simple pleasures, y'know?


Forest Fire By The Interstate
Smoky Mountains -
Eastern Tennessee
November 11, 2001

The Smoky Mountains often look spooky, and it sure seems as if strange things tend to happen in that region. This forest fire stretched for a good forty miles along I-40, and there were no fire trucks or emergency vehicles of any kind anywhere around.

It may have been a "controlled burn" intentionally set by forest rangers, but you'd think a few of them would stay in the area to monitor the blaze.