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A More Unbending Battle - Excerpt from Chapter 5

Long Road To Abilene - Excerpt from Chapter 17 (Perhaps my greatest voice acting challenge yet - one of the characters was a French prostitute!)

The Libertarian Dictator - Excerpt from Chapter 31

Jarvis Recites US Bill Of Rights In 10 Different Voices!

1st Amendment - Brooklyn Guy

2nd Amendment - Texan

3rd Amendment - Frenchman

4th Amendment - Latino

5th Amendment - Georgia Woman

6th Amendment - Drill Sergeant

7th Amendment - German

8th Amendment - Surfer Dude

9th Amendment - Old Lady

10th Amendment - British Bloke

Jarvis Hooten

The Night Owl

Voice-Over Announcer,
Audio Producer / Editor

VOA Studio Why do I call myself "Night Owl"? With the last name of "Hooten," my family has always had a fondness for owls. And I'm a bit of a night person. It's not uncommon for my clients to notice their projects were delivered at 2 AM.

I've been making my living with a microphone and a word processor for the better part of three decades. Of course, thirty years ago I used a typewriter and reel-to-reel tape deck. In fact, my first news stories were written on a manual typewriter, and hey, that wasn't THAT long ago!

Most of my career has been in radio broadcasting, but I also toured the country as a game show host for a few years. In Reno, I often MC'd shows and events for local casinos.

Since 2010 I have been a full time freelancer. Sometimes I miss the excitement of doing live radio and being around fellow broadcasters. Radio people are fun to work with. On the other hand, I enjoy the freedom of working at home on my own schedule.

From my home studio I produce voice-overs, edit podcasts, and narrate audio-books. A few years ago I started writing books, too. My English Teacher mom would be so proud.

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